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The Difference is Australia's charity credentialler.

We have worked in the donor and social investment sector for 15 years assisting governments, corporations, families and individuals make better investor and donor decisions.

When donor resources are finite, there is a need to use whatever gifts available on the best, most successful approaches to our social health problems. To identify these, The Difference uses robust research and evidence collection methods.

In an environment where even more charities are asking for the same donor relationship, qualify your charity in the marketplace with a star rating report from The Difference.

Like you, we want to make the world a better place. We want to prove your charity has what it takes so there are fewer reasons for donors not to engage with you. Our work is to qualify the claims you may make in your marketing material or annual reports and give you the opportunity of an external review of your practices and governance settings.

What donors say: “With this report from The Difference, I had confidence to give more and to give more regularly”. Greg, Melbourne

What charities say: “I must admit, we were concerned about what the assessment report would say about us, we’re not a perfect charity. Now we have the opportunity to identify where our next development steps lie and we can see how we compare to others in the broader charitable space”. Samantha.

Our assessment process

Stage 1. "Healthcheck" Service

Complete the self-assessment process on our website below. This will provide you with a healthcheck where you can compare your practices against the sector and an indicative measure of your performance as a charity. This step is free. It is our way of developing the sector, highlighting areas for your practice improvement and your current organisation strengths.

Stage 2. Audit Report

Stage Two is an audit interview which provides a qualified assessment of your charities practices and an audited star rating report. With senior staff and a board representative, we work through your self assessment and consider the available evidence to qualify your achievements as a charity. A sample audit summary is available here. The audit investment is $2,400+GST.

Your audit report will be available to your internal and external stakeholders and we will publish a summary report on our website. The report is valid for 12 months.

The ten domain questionnaire generates a report that allows you to compare your charity’s results against all others who have completed the process. A phone or face to face feedback session can be organised to discuss your results.

If you score highly, we will organise meetings with clients, board members and senior members of your executive team to analyse your charity’s effectiveness further.


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Contact the Difference?

Phone: +61 488 656 205 | Email: info@urthedifference.net.au

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